Radiant Barrier Materials

Radiant Barrier Materials

Radient Barrier on building frameInsulation Wizards provides customers a type of insulation known as radiant barriers. They are thermal insulators that impede heat transfer via thermal radiation. Radiant barriers are also termed as reflective insulation due to their outstanding reflective properties. It is a thermal insulation that reflects radiant heat, thereby hindering heat transfer because of a highly reflective surface.

There are three types of heat transfer – conduction, convection, and radiation. Of these three, the most prominent form of heat loss occurs from radiation. Insulation Wizards provides solutions against radiation heat losses in your home and office.

Reflective aluminum foil is the most common material used as a radiant barrier. Owing to its low mass, it cannot absorb heat, thereby reflecting all the heat back out. Insulation Wizards offers reflective foil and many other options for radiant barriers, which we have listed below.

  1. Aluminum foil and laminates
  2. Foil-faced polyurethane
  3. Foil-faced polystyrene
  4. Foil-backed bubble pack
  5. Light-colored roof shingles
  6. Reflective paint
  7. Metal roofing

Radient barriers on the wood in the atticThere are many advantages that radiant barriers provide your home and office building.

  1. Very effective in hot and humid climates. Perfect for our customers who live in the southern states or on the south side of the east coast and west coast.
  2. Immune to disintegration and absorption, making it very durable.
  3. Thin sheets of foil or reflective coating makes it viable in all situations, taking up no space whatsoever.
  4. Also serves as a vapor barrier, providing water resistance.
  5. It is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, making it a very healthy option for people inhabiting your building.
  6. Does not suffer from mold. This is a major benefit.

Insulation Wizards will combine reflective insulation materials with other forms of insulation to provide a complete insulation solution for your particular needs. Whether it is in the home or office, Insulation Wizards is an expert in installing radiant barriers of all types. With aluminum foil sheets, we can insulate the interior walls of your building. In conjunction with reflective paint, this is completely insulate your home against radiation heat losses. For outdoor applications, light colored roof shingles and metal or copper as a roofing material will result in an enhanced radiation barrier, due to their very high reflectivity.

Insulation Wizards understand radiant barriers and how to properly use them to insulate your building!

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