What Does Insulation Wizards Do?

Insulation is a technique that can provide protection for your Home/Office from excessive heat from the summer months and against extreme cold in the winter months. Insulation also reduces noise pollution if you happen to live on a busy street or near to an airport. Furthermore, the key insulation methods are considered low cost and will typically cover the costs you have spent in under five years. Below are the insulation products and services Insulation Wizards offers to save your money each month!

Energy Audits Buckhead

Spray Foam Insulation and more!An energy audit in your office or your home is the initial step you can make to ensuring your home becomes more energy efficient. Energy audits can assist you in assessing the amount of energy your home is currently using which allows you to evaluate measures that you can consider in order to improve the efficiency in these spaces. However, it is important to know that an energy audit alone will not save you energy. You will need to follow up an audit with the suggested improvements.

We provide professional energy audits, whereby one of our expert technicians will come out to your place of business or your home and provide you with suggestions on how to improve the efficiency level in your home. One of these audits involves various equipment as well as methods to determine energy efficiency in your office or home. Some of the equipment we use includes blower-doors to measure the leaks in your building envelope as well as infrared cameras used for areas that are hard-to-detect such as missing insulation and your air filtration.

Buckhead Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation, Insulation Wizards

Spray foam is a variety of the building insulation materials that is used commonly in crawlspaces, ceilings and walls or any other parts of a building in an office or home environment. This product is designed to retain heat in your home in cold weather and keep the heat out when the weather becomes warmer. This insulation comes in the form of a spray can and is made up of a resin and specific chemicals like isocyanates and polyurethane. When this product is applied, the resin and the chemicals develop a foam that will expand and then solidify.


The Spray Foam Application Process

When we administer spray foam in your home or office the method involves spraying the product directly onto areas that require insulation. The foam coats surfaces and rapidly expands and then solidifies. The product dries quickly and offers insulation that is just about permanent that will save you money each month.

Fiberglass Insulation Buckhead

Fiberglass Insulation, Insulation WizardsEven though fiberglass has commonly been used for over a century, the very first of the fiberglass insulation’s was first developed in 1938 and then made available to the public. Fiberglass began to gain popularity, when asbestos became drastically unpopular due o evidence linked to an increase in cancer rates. This unfavorable news forced the contractor s to immediately stop the use of asbestos which resulted in the search for a better alternative. With several similar characteristics to asbestos, fiberglass became the natural option.

About Fiberglass Insulation Today

Its relatively cheap costs, lightweight characteristics and the ease-of-use has caused fiberglass to become the most common type of insulation used in modern construction. The massive amount of the bound fibers which are able to hold in pockets-of-heat ensures that fiberglass insulation is also effective in reducing ambient noise. Because the product is constructed out of glass it does not absorb water or burn. Many manufacturers today are aware of the need for conservation has resorted to producing fiberglass that is made out of recycled glass.

Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

The most important benefit of considering fiberglass insulation for your home is that it will result in a significant reduction in the costs related to cooling and heating.  You will be amazed at the advantages of insulation and how it can keep the cool air in the summer and trap heat in the winter. Many people do not realize exactly how valuable insulation such as fiberglass is until they experience a cold night or hot day in an office or home that does not have it.

Cellulose Insulation is a Great Choice

Cellulous Insulation, Insulation WizardsCellulose insulation has been recognized as a great alternative to the fiberglass insulation applications. It offers a non-toxic, efficient, affordable and green thermal solution.  Thermal protection for your home or your office is essential in regards to the cost-of-operation, controlling durability and your comfort. Fiberglass may be the standard bearer when it comes to insulation, but many are starting to recognize that cellulose insulation may be a better option. Here is why:

The typical standard that insulation will be measured in is known as the R-value. This is the known as the resistance level when it comes to heat flow. The R-value measures the conductive resistance which is described as the abilities of a certain material to restrain the heat flow along a continuous chain made of solid materials. The majority of the heat in a home or office will be lost through the process of conduction. Cellulose similar to many other types of insulation materials offers an R-value of around R-3.5 per an inch in thickness. However, air leakage that occurs through gaps, voids and cracks is very important as it is responsible for around a third of the heat loss that occurs on average in a home.

Cellulose is the type of insulation that is regarded as an outstanding air-blocker. Comfort and heat are additionally lost through the process of convection, when the currents of drafty air in the home, attics or wall cavities move the heat to other places. This is somewhat different to air leakage whereby the heated air-mass is expelled out of the home. Insulation such as tightly compacted cellulose offers a comfortable, cost effective and thermally efficient solution.

Radient Barrier on building frameRadiant Barriers Buckhead

Another popular product we offer is Radiant Barriers which involves reflecting heat when compared to our other insulation products that resist or slow down the heat transfer in your home. Heat will always transfer to cold according to natural law. The challenge lies in retaining heat in the months of winter and keeping it out in the months of summer.

Radiant Barrier Benefits In The Winter

Compared to wrapping a potato inside aluminum foil for the purposes of baking, the foil is what will keep the potato warm the same way that Radiant Barrier retains the heat inside your home. The Radiant Barrier technique is also described as a “space blanket” in the cold months, though extremely lightweight and thin it holds warmth in.

Radiant Barrier Benefits In The Summer

Similar to a space-suit, the Radiant Barrier plays the role of reflecting the heat from the sun before it has a chance to warm-up the insulation found in areas such as your attic. If your insulation is able to remain cooler your house will also be a lot cooler. If the cooling system in your home such as your air conditioner was able to talk, it would really tell you how thankful it is for the less strain you will be placing on the unit in the hot months. Energy savings with Radiant Barrier is extremely significant.


man spray foam insulating a homeInsulation Wizards not only offers insulation many other services, including… 

  1. Closed and Open Cell Spray Foam
  2. Insulation Removal
  3. Radiant Barrier
  4. Fiberglass Insulation
  5. Cellulose Insulation
  6. Total Home Efficiency Assessment
  7. Air Sealing

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Spray foam Insulation in an attic

Insulation In your Home Or Office Secures Energy Savings

There are a variety of advantages to home or office insulation. Choosing one of our products will guarantee you with more comfort, a great reduction on energy bills, a healthier environment in your home as well as a positive impact on the environment. What could a 20-30-40% savings a month do for you?

We can help you keep your monthly bills down by keeping you Home/Office more energy efficient. There is nothing worse then watching you money fly right out the window, roof, floor and more when we can easily help you fix this.

Take the first step in becoming Energy Efficient, by having an audit done to see
what is really happening in your location.

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