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spray foam insulationInsulation Wizards provides top quality air sealing services for your attic, basement, and every other part of your home that is prone to air leakage. Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost-effective way of cutting heating and cooling costs, resulting in a healthier indoor environment. More importantly, hot air can leak into you home in the summer and cold air can leak into your home in the winter. By eliminating this threat, you are reducing the cost to maintain a stable and desirable room temperature.

In most homes, the most significant air leaks occur in the attic and basement. Of course, it can also occur around your windows and doors, but to a slightly lesser extent. Regardless, Insulation Wizards has the contractors to provide proper air sealing everywhere in your home. Air sealing is saving energy, ultimately cutting your utility bill. Our expert contractors will correct several of your problems, including wet insulation (indicative of a leaky roof) and moldy floor joists (indicative of moisture accumulation).


Why Air Sealing

Insulation Wizards gives you a peace of mind when you have your entire house air sealed by us. It provides numerous benefits, namely

  • Save energy and money
  • Increases comfort
  • Reduces interference from outside noise
  • Fewer airborne particles and debris entering your home
  • Better humidity control


air sealing with a spray foamOur Techniques and Methods

Caulking and weatherstripping are two simple and effective air sealing procedures we use at Insulation Wizards which have proven to be very successful. Caulk is a flexible material used to seal air leaks through cracks and openings around door and window frames. It is essentially used for stationary objects. Conversely, weather stripping is a thin strip of material implemented used to seal parts that move, like doors and operable windows. Insulation Wizards follows a step-by-step systematic approach to sealing your troublesome air leaks.

  1. Our professional contractors will test your entire house for air tightness, inspecting doors, windows, and any other vulnerable points.
  2. We will caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows that were found to leak air.
  3. We will caulk and seal air leaks where plumbing, ducting, and electrical wiring come through walls, floors, and ceilings.
  4. Inspect dirty and moldy spots in your insulation. We will seal these leaks with spray foam.
  5. Look for dirty spots on your ceilings and flooring, which may be indicative of air leaks in the interior walls, ceiling joints, and floor joists. After successful determination, we will caulk them.
  6. If you have single pane windows, we will replace with heavy duty double pane windows, known for being better insulators due to the air pocket between the panes of glass sheets.
  7. We will even seal air leaks around your fireplace, chimney, and furnace with fire-resistant materials.

Insulation Wizards has several years of experience in sealing air leaks, and we can say that the attic is most prone to suffer from air leakage. We will take all necessary measures to ensure your attic is completely airtight and sealed off to prevent heat losses, reducing your utility bill.

You can rely on Insulation Wizards and our team of expert technicians to get the job done.
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