Insulation Wizards is your Solution for your Insulation needs.

Insulation Wizards is the number 1 company for Spray Foam Insulation and more. We are quickly growing across the country and only work with the best contractors to insulate your home, office or warehouse. From floors to walls and especially the attic, we only use the best insulation material on the market to get your job done. We have Spray Foam Insulation as well as more traditional insulation like Fiberglass and Cellulose. We can also help you with Home/Office energy audits to see what is going on and how we can best help you to get the most our of your insulation.

We provide both residential and commercial services for our clients. Our professional contractors have years of experience in the industry and will help come up with the best solution for your needs. Our expert crew will insulate your home and office to keep you cool in hot summers and warm in cold winters.


For Affordable and Professional Insulation

As expert insulator contractors, we have proven track record and this is very important to us. Our goal is to provide the best service possible, while giving you our clients access to the best products available. That is why our highly skilled professionals are required by our mode of operation to submit their assessment report of buildings to be worked on. By our due process, it is mandatory to brief our esteemed clients about the pros and cons of the insulation choices and, we allow you to make an informed decision based on our professional advice. We operate in several different cities and with that we there are different services and products that might be better or worse depending on your location.  Currently we are in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York City and Phoenix. So, the insulation needs of Phoenix might be different than the need of clients in Chicago.

Experts in the Insulation Field

Insulation Wizards has been working in the Insulation field for many years. Our Experts are very knowledgeable and are here for you to ask questions. Every job we do is different, weather it is a a brand new home that is not completely built yet, to removing old insulation and upgrading an existing home, or even working in office buildings and warehouses. Each of the jobs we do are different, and because there are many different aspects to each job, we have to know the latest industry trends, and how to make your location more Energy Efficient. Weather you are looking for the “Pink stuff” or the latest Spray Foam that can seal up ever nook and cranny to ensure there is no leaking or infiltrating of air. Please give us a call and speak to one of our knowledgeable experts that will answer all of your questions so that you can save money and be more comfortable.

Installing fiberglass insulation in the walls.
Fiberglass Insulation

We have several different types of products we offer, above you Fiberglass Insulation. This has been around for a long time and will do a good job to Insulation your home.


Cellulose Insulation, Insulation Wizards
Cellulose Insulation

Above is Cellulose Insulation, this comes in several different forms, like thick sheets that you can cut to fit between studs or both a dry fill and wet spray option as well. While Cellulose has better ratings than Fiberglass Insulation they both have pro’s and con’s.


Spray Foam Insulation

Our grade-A spray foam will provide topnotch thermal and acoustic insulation for your home and office building. It traps in all the heat, allowing none to escape or enter, and provides a sound barrier to minimize disturbances from outdoors. Spray foam insulation ensures no mold accumulation on woodwork and prevents airborne particles from entering indoors, creating a safe environment for everyone.

Contact Insulation Wizards now to have your building insulated by the best contractors in the business. We have an excellent track record of satisfying customers, so you will not be disappointed with our service.

Insulation Wizards can help you keep you monthly bills down by keeping you Home/Office more energy efficient. There is nothing worse then watching you money fly right out the window, roof, floor and more when we can easily help you fix this.

Spray Foam Insulation, Insulation Wizards
Spray Foam Insulation


Take the first step in becoming Energy Efficient, by having a Home Energy Audit done to see
what is really happening in your location.